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dizziness treatment in forest hills queens ny

A condition that presents with faintness, loss of balance, weakness, lightheaded, space around you spinning around, and vertigo. Often times dizziness is accompanied by confusion, vision changes, headaches, chest pain, difficulty walking, and SOB. Most common causes are are inner ear disease, heart disease, motion sickness, increase or drop in blood pressure, increase or drop in blood glucose levels, low iron levels or anemia, dehydration, shortness of breath, overheating, Migraine, hyperventilation, panic disorders, abnormal heart arrythemia. Diagnosis is made via complete exam, history taking, blood work, imaging, finger stick sugar test. Treatment includes but not limited to treating the underlying cause, for motion sickness and Benign positional vertigo treatment is Meclizine, for inner ear infections like Meniere’s disease, treatment is water pill, corticosteriods, for increased blood pressure, treatment is anti-hypertensive meds, for hypotension, treatment is fluids, for elevated sugar, treatment is Insulin drip, for low sugar, treatment is fluid with glucose.

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